The weather was perfect, the sky blue and the sun bright. Still, Gabe shifted. Again. He couldn’t get comfortable in their beautiful sled, no matter what he tried. He was too nervous. Charley, ever the big sister, reached for his hand.

“It’s ok, Bud.” She told him, “tell me a joke.”

“Why did the eyeball sing” he asked her. Then, not waiting for her answer,
“because it wanted to be a mouth!” Together they laughed, as if the joke made sense (and to two young siblings it surely did), earning a stern look from Bluebell, their goat companion.

“Ok my turn!” Charley all but yelled. She leaned close to his ear so Bluebell couldn’t hear. When Gabe inched closer she burped in his ear. His task for the day forgotten, Gabe threw his head back and laughed. Next to them, Bluebell huffed in disapproval.

As they arrived, Charley squealed at the sight of her old friend Flirty. The Winter Unicorn sat waiting amidst the trees. Forgetting she was a “proper” princess, Charley hopped out of the sled and rushed to greet her. The bowed to one another, then Charley hugged her and kissed her snout. Gabe stayed behind, unsure.

Soon, against his will, he was being ushered forward. The cape he’d left behind was once more placed around his neck and he was directed closer to Flirty. Her eyes smiled and he approached, but he remained cautious.

“Just once. You only have to ride her once.” Charley whispered to him. Bluebell the faithful guided them both into various stances as the royal photographer Teen snapped photo after photo. The wind blew Charley’s cape while she danced behind Gabe.

Finally, unable to control herself, she climbed onto Flirty’s back. Her laugh was contagious and, as Gabe heard Flirty giggle, he couldn’t help but relax.

They spent the afternoon with their magical friends, laughing and playing, forgetting the camera was there. When the time came, he sat regally upon Flirty’s back, enjoying the softness of her fur and smiling at the sun. This isn’t so bad, he thought to himself.

Soon the sun found it’s way behind the trees, and it was time to say goodbye. The two hugged and thanked their royal stewards before entering their carriage to leave.

“That was awesome.” Charley sighed happily, and even Gabe agreed. Soon they were fast asleep, dreaming of flying on unicorns in the winter snow.

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