New Orleans Maternity Milk Bath Photographer

New Orleans Maternity Milk Bath Photographer

I love when I have the chance to photograph a maternity milk bath. It’s so simple, elegant, and truly lovely. Flowers, water, and the pregnancy glow. What else do you need? To me though, fresh flowers make or break it. So when I was planning Dana’s beautiful session, I knew I wanted something special. So, I stopped by to see Diane at Fat Cat Flowers. She designs the loveliest arrangements and I knew she would come up with something spectacular. Which she did, of course.

We used a simple, sheer, white lace dress for this session and a beautiful halo from Monica Dragan. She makes gorgeous floral crowns and props for photographers. Throw in some milk and a tub, and we are all set!

NOLA Maternity Photographer. www.timeworntales.comBelly Photography - New Orleans www.timeworntales.comLouisiana Maternity Photographer - Milk Bath.

Dana was absolutely glowing for this session. (Psst, she is delivering her baby today and I can’t wait to meet her)! We talked about the little one, how excited she was to be a first time mom, how the nursery was coming along, what she was most excited and nervous for. You know what? We didn’t even touch on the negatives, just the positives.

You all know how much I love shooting maternity sessions – I harp on it a lot to my clients. Everyone is excited for the newborn pictures, but a lot of moms don’t plan for their pregnancy pictures. They usually feel some or all of the following: uncomfortable in their skin, tired, stressed, sick, and huge. Trust me, I remember those feelings. I was sick through my entire pregnancy (save about 3 weeks in my 2nd trimester). We have a natural tendency to remember the not so great parts of pregnancy, but we rarely think about the tremendous and monumental changes going on in our bodies.

Take a close look at these images. How would you describe this mama? What do you see in these photos? I see a stunning, glowing, happy, beautiful woman, awaiting the arrival of her little girl. She’s filled with all kinds of emotions as a soon to be new mother. There are so many positive emotions too, though – joy, excitement, wonder, and most of all, love. That overpowering emotion that leads us to be our best.

Milk Bath Photographer - Louisiana. www.timeworntales.comMaternity Milk Bath - Louisiana Photo Session. www.timeworntales.comLouisiana Maternity Photographer.

What’s my point in all this? Don’t miss out on archiving this special time in your life. You can’t get it back. You can never hold that baby in your belly again, you can’t feel the kicks inside, you won’t feel that same anticipation and excitement you do while awaiting his/her birth. It’s truly magical – even with negative side effects, raging hormones, and overall craziness that comes with being pregnant. Give yourself a reason to remember the positives, and forget about the negatives. In the end, you want to tell your baby’s story from beginning to end. From the moment you wanted them, thought about them, and waiting while they grew inside you. When you order your baby’s album, make sure you include your pictures. Your child will want them. You will want them. Trust me on this one.

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