A New Year

When the New Year came around, I noticed a new trend on social media.  It seemed like everyone was choosing a word to represent what they hoped for this year, based on the first letter of their name.  Heather was hopeful, Peter wanted peace, etc.  I thought about following along, but really, what I wanted was something that didn’t start with the first letter of my name.  It started a G.  Any guesses?  Growth.

I had a bit of a rough 2018, and it seems like the majority of friends and family did as well.  I felt stuck for a lot of the year, beaten down by the negativity that surrounded me each day via all kinds of outlets.  Sometimes, living in New Orleans takes a lot out of me.  So when I took a moment to really think about what I wanted this year, growth felt right.

If I’m being totally honest, I also kept it simple.  My life needs more simplicity. However, I also wanted my goal to be attainable.  Something that could encompass many aspects of my personal and business life, but not have me chasing 20 goals come December (when I ran out of time to complete them).  Yeah – you know exactly what I am talking about.


2019 Resolution

Growth it is.

From a personal perspective, I want to grow in kindness, clarity, and knowledge.  I want to read more, travel more, take more adventures and reap the amazing benefits that always accompany them.  I want to grow spiritually – I need to learn how to clear my head and turn my brain off.  I want to find even more magic in the everyday things.  It’s out there – waiting for me.  And you, too.

When I think about my business perspective, I want to continue to learn from all of you!  I want my studio to grow!  I want to meet more clients, photograph their beautiful families, learn what makes them giggle, and create beautiful portraits.  I want to start taking travel sessions this year – I get requests from out of state clients, but I never seem to get there.  This year I would love to make that happen.  Most importantly, I want to continue to grow as a photographer, story teller, and legacy writer.  I truly believe leaving behind printed photos of your family is creating a beautiful legacy for our children.

So, enough about my resolutions.  What are yours?  What magic are you hoping for in 2019?  What are you doing to create it?

Lastly, thank you to all of the fabulous babies, children, and families that I had the opportunity to document last year.  Nothing makes me happier than knowing you have those beautiful photographs and memories to last a lifetime.


  1. Growth is a fantastic word for the year!!!! My word on the year is Success! I love having a word to focus on throughout the year rather than a long list of resolutions I may or may not keep hahah! Happy New Year!

  2. My word of the year also starts with /G/ – mine is give. What you give out in the world will return 10 fold. Graciously and authentically giving will not only add value to your life, but add’s value to the lives of others and everybody benefits from the kindness of others.
    Your portrait photography is truly stunning. Cheers to you for a fabulous 2019 ♥

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